SPECIALTY SERVICE CONTRACTORS, INC. is a privately owned Maryland Corporation established in 1996 by Kevin M. Howell, President & CEO.

SPECIALTY SERVICE CONTRACTORS, INC. provides quality Permanent Highway Signing products specializing in the furnishing, erecting and installing of Permanent Highway Signing products including but not limited to Overhead Signs, Structures and Foundations, all types of Ground Mounted Signs, Posts, Structures and Foundations.  Installations vary from the smallest roadside variety to the large, extensive and complex overhead sign types.

SPECIALTY SERVICE CONTRACTORS, INC. is proud of a distinct reputation for employing only the most experienced and knowledgeable management and field personnel in the industry.  We strive to develop, challenge and encourage career development which promotes employment longevity from management and field supervisors to operators and laborers.  Our people seek a career not just a job.

SPECIALTY SERVICE CONTRACTORS, INC. are highly regarded industry leaders with a reputation based on stable and financially sound operations, high levels of expertise, discipline, safety awareness, and production who delivers on time and within budget.


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